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How can I increase my email deliverability in Infusionsoft?

Ok… hang on to your hat … we are diving deep into nerd-ville.

One trick (yes, legal) to improve your email deliverability is to adjust your SPF records.

Basically it lets other email servers know that even thought the email is coming from Infusionsoft (or some other program) is to tell your domain registrar that you allow Infusionsoft to send email in our behalf.  This is your SPF record.

Here is the VERY short article about the Infusionsoft SPF record.  I included the main content from that article here:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. This is the optimal SPF record to use:

    v=spf1 mx -all

    • “mx” instructs the web to allow your domain’s own mx servers to send email with your from address
    • “” tells the web to allow Infusionsoft to send email with your from address
    • “-all” tells the web to restrict everyone else (not listed) from sending email with your from address

    Here are links to instructions from a couple of well-known domain registrars. You can also contact your domain registrar directly to request assistance.