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What will Marketing Automation do for you?

Give you more time!

With automation we remove all the pesky tasks that need to be done and everyone avoids. We also make sure that nothing ever slips through the cracks. Your Automated Marketing machine will work while you sleep and play, giving you time to do what you do best.

Grow Revenue

With the right Automation you can scale your business without the headache.  Sales increase, margins get wider and opportunities arrive.  Get the right sales funnel automated and watch your revenue take off!


Get rid of all the extra hassle and multi-system-chaos that plagues most businesses today.  Get your sales, website, reporting, email and marketing all working together and shed the extra weight.  An automated system can bring all the assets into one place.  Simple.  Profitable.  Easy.

Let’s talk more.


I was brand new to infusionsoft when I started with Ross. Literally, I had just bought infusionsoft a few days before. A friend referred me to Ross and praised his work very highly, so I decided to hire him to help me build the funnel for my first big product launch.

To make a long story short, the funnel Ross created for me crushed it. My sales were way beyond expectations. And Ross was there to guide me every step of the way. Whenever I had a question or needed help with anything, he was incredibly responsive and extremely effective in handling everything I threw at him with speed and efficiency.

I’m so excited to have another star on the team of people I have helping me build my business. Ross is a gem who does phenomenal work, and I am so excited to use his expertise to take my business to the next level.

Ari Whitten

Author - Coach, The Energy Blueprint

We are seeing great results thanks to InfusionSoft and Ross Walker. Ross knows this tool inside and out. We had him do our initial setup and consultation and were very impressed how within a very short period of time he had us up and running. The best part was that we felt totally confident that it would perform how we need it. Ross also runs the User Group which we love. We always come away with actionable items to increase our business.

Ross has my highest recommendation for InfusionSoft consulting. I know of no-one better.

Curtis J. Morley

President at eLearning Brothers, eLearning Brothers

Ross has an amazing ability to simplify and explain the complexity of apps, social media and other internet technology including SEO. He implements, advises and helps get you moving in the right direction.

He has more knowledge than I could digest, but I still refer to him whenever I have technology questions. He is also an innovator so if there isn’t an answer, he is capable of creating one.

I highly recommend Ross for his knowledge, honesty and impeccable work ethic.

Brandi Hammon

Owner, Mountain Luxury Homes

Ross is an innovative self-starter motivated by other’s success. He is extremely creative, has a passion for accomplishment, and he has incredible values that are needed in today’s business dealings. He has a great sense of humor, high integrity, he’s honest and dependable.

Dave Hilliard

Assistant General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn/Rooms Division Manager at Davis Conference Center

Ross Walker has been key to integrating InfusionSoft properly and effectively at our company. We were excited about using InfusionSoft and all of the potential but were quickly overwhelmed by it. We found we didn’t have the time or staff to learn everything we wanted to to use it very well. Ross was our solution. He has the knowledge and experience to use InfusionSoft as it was designed and teach us how to use it along the way. He is not just an InfusionSoft wizard (because he is that), he understands marketing and the part technology plays in it. Ross is pleasant to work with and has been very responsive to all our ongoing questions. I highly recommend Ross for InfusionSoft consulting and digital marketing.

Bert Compton

Vice President or Marketing, Land Voice

Ross Walker is a Infusionsoft ninja. He knows the ins and outs of the software, and is very generous with his knowledge. One of the the most valuable things about Ross is that he is real. If Infusionsoft is great at something, he will let you know. If it’s isn’t great at something, he will point you in the right direction.

In addition to that, I love his marketing style. Very motivated, very creative, but not at all greasy/spammy. Ross is a top notch guy all around.

Zach Batty

eLearning Brothers

More than just a technical “how-to” source for InfusionSoft. Ross is also a great strategic partner with a rich history of marketing experience. This real-world experience coupled with InfusionSoft expertise makes for a partner we can turn to for authentic ideas that work, creative solutions for our unique problems, and strategy help for conquering marketing challenges.

James Keddington

President, Utah Chapter of American Marketing Assocication

We’ve been working on building various marketing campaigns and, while we had an outline of what we wanted, Ross’s expertise was able to help us zero in on our strategy and take it to the next level with implementation. Not only is he incredibly talented but he’s also very enjoyable to work with! He’s very caring and is the man to call if you ever need a laugh. We’d recommend him any day!

Meeshell Jewell

Marketing Director, Peopletrail